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The best non toxic, eco friendly, and green beauty boutiques (aka where I could browse/scroll for days).

Although it is certainly gaining traction in the mainstream skincare and beauty world, eco beauty remains somewhat niche, hard to track down, and oftentimes confusing for many people looking to clean up their routine. Let’s face it – we’re not all chemists. I certainly am not and while we may know that there are certain ingredients/chemicals to avoid putting on our skin, others remain elusive, oftentimes with contradictory findings. Honestly tracking them all down and researching each ingredient individually is just a tad exhausting for most people, myself included. That is why I turn to specific green beauty boutiques that I trust to do most of the curation for me. There are certain stores, which I have highlighted below that I know source only the finest eco beauty and skincare brands. They have done the research for you so that you can rest assured when shopping – all of the lines utilize non-toxic, good for you, and eco friendly ingredients. Better yet, these retailers have excellent online sites, because unless you are lucky enough to live in one of the few cities where their brick and mortars are located – it can be challenging to track down a wide selection of quality green beauty products. 

These are my top Canadian websites to shop from. Each carry a great selection of all my favourite brands. 

Some of my favourite international places to shop - these each have their own brilliant selection of brands and products. Check them out - I know you'll love them!